About Us

About Us

Established in 2007, iApparel, LLC has become a market leader in many different product categories. It’s founder and president, Sammy Catton, has over 30 years of experience in the industry spanning design, licensing, marketing and sourcing.

iApparel started in the outerwear industry and in a few short years, we were able to add swimwear, rainwear, accessories and more. We have become one of the premier outerwear and swimwear importers in the hemisphere. Our expertise and ability in combining the latest fashion trends along with competitive pricing has catapulted us to tremendous growth and success. In addition to iApparel’s stable of licensed brands, we have also made some exciting acquisitions to add to our business portfolio. The core component to our success is our passion and our attention to detail from design to sourcing and finally, to customer delivery.

As we forge ahead, our strategy is to continue to incrementally build on our current successes by strengthening what we have already established as well as constantly searching for new avenues of business. Through it all, we always keep to our corporate vision and strategy:


How We Achieve Success


  • Attention to detail, spec, trend
  • Leader/ Expert in our field due to focus on the “niche” market


  • Ability to service all Markets
  • Domestic and Direct partnerships
  • Advanced China operations


  • Brands which cater to the mid-tier
    & better Market
  • Fast turn product to the Specialty Retailer


  • Strong Price/ Value relationships
  • Exceeding initial margin goals for retailers


  • Selling at better retailers
  • Sell-thru driven company with margins & turn surpassing retailer expectations